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Creative Flower Ideas for Your Next Summer Party

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Mason Jar flowers

Whether you are planning a summer BBQ or a large scale dinner party, flowers can help you set the mood. People go to parties to have fun and socialize. What better way to show your creativity, add character to your party and dazzle your guests than with decorative floral arrangements.

Here are a few simple and inexpensive ideas to add that extra special touch to your party:

  • Dress up candles and mason jars: Dress up outdoor or indoor candle decorations with simple flowers. Place votives on flower petals or leaves; add ribbons to pillar candles; or add small flowers to a bowl with floating candles. Why leave mason jars empty after they have been used. Paint them in your favorite color (or to match your party theme) and place a complementary arrangement in each!
  • Buffet Flowers: At Lindskoog Florist we can provide you with several floral designs in different sizes to match your party motif. Place them throughout the buffet table so everyone can enjoy them upclose.
  • Decorate a Cake with Flower: Want to dress up your dessert cake or even a pie? We can provide you with the perfect flowers to compliment the dessert. Wash the flowers thoroughly and allow them to dry. Cut the stems to about 1 inch. Dip the ends into melted paraffin and allow them to dry before inserting the stems directly into the cake. Foliage or flat flowers such as pansies can be placed flat onto the cake.
  • Posies in the Punch: Make a punch float by placing washed fruit or edible flowers into a tube cake pan. Fill with water to about 3 inches. Freeze it and pop it into the punch bowl flower side up as guests arrive. Make sure that you replace the float when the ice melts.
  • Double Duty Decorations: Create some outdoor ambiance while keeping those pesky bugs away with this “Bug Off” mason jar. All you need is a mason jar, floating candles, citronella oil, mint, lemon, lime, and rosemary. You can also create a centerpiece to go with the “Bug Off” candles by using the same color flowers. Use green colored Dahlia’s and yellow Gerbera Daisy’s! To find out how to make the "Bug Off" candles, click here.

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